matters need to attention to when repairing the semi gantry crane

- Jun 25, 2017 -

What safety hazards should be paid attention to when repairing semi-goliath crane

1, the first step, the need to the site operators to understand the operation of the failure, to determine whether the fault is due to illegal operations.

2, according to the data collected at the scene, we analyze the actual situation, make a preliminary judgement of the cause and location of the failure and check with the drawings. 

3. Use the instrument to check the fault location and confirm the fault point or component.

4, if half door crane failure is not very obvious, and the location of the fault is not good, we should make use of drawings and instruments to conduct the investigation step by step and point by point, eliminate the possible parts that did not exist, and finally check the suspicious parts.

5, if the fault does not have the danger, we can use the instantaneous method to observe and find out the fault location.

6. After the troubleshooting, the good connection wire related to the repair process should be rechecked with reference to the drawing, and the confirmation is in conformity with the drawing. The installation of an external device can be done without any errors.

The repaired crane, with the aid of the instrument to measure to ensure that no problems, and then carry out a load test, the test needs to be carried out many times. In the same way, it is also necessary to carry out a load experiment on the crane to make sure that the crane can work normally before it can be put into normal operation.


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