Methods for using electromagnetic

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Methods for using electromagnetic

1. Temperature of the suction material is <100 degrees, choose the normal temperature lifting electromagnet; If >100 degrees, please choose the high temperature lifting electromagnet. If the temperature exceeds 600 degrees, please choose the super high temperature lifting electromagnet.

2. when the power continuous rate exceeds 60%, please select the high frequency lifting electromagnet.

3. When lifting materials under water, choose diving type (diving depth is not greater than 100m). The parameters of the diving type lifting electromagnet are the same as those of the normal temperature type. Please explain clearly when order.

4. Ambient temperature: normal temperature -5 C ~40 C, high temperature -5 C ~50 C. The altitude is not more than 2000m.

5. equipment matching: when a single unit is used, the rectifier control equipment and auxiliary equipment are selected according to the power consumption (current); when the multi table union is used, the sum of the consumed power (current) of the number of units is selected.


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