Notices of hoisting and lifting work of gantry crane

- Jun 23, 2018 -

Notices of hoisting and lifting work of gantry crane

Gantry crane plays an important role in port construction. In order to ensure its safety during lifting operation, several safety matters need to be paid attention to.

1. taking the weight for 50% of the rated weight, the gantry crane running the big sports car and the lifting small sports car are all still at rest, and the small sports car is in the middle of the door frame, it is a heavy rope hoisting hook, the operation hoist makes the weight lift off the ground 10cm, and stops the student for 10 minutes to check the brake effect of its brake.

2. During every lifting process, pay attention to the deformation of gantry frame and the noise of the transmission mechanism should be observed, and the upper arch value of the main girder should be measured.

3. if the brake is effective, the deformation of the main beam in the allowable range of the design, then continue to increase the weight to the ground 20cm, stay for 5 minutes, if no abnormal, the operating winch to drop the weight to the ground 10cm, stay for 5 minutes, detecting the effect of instantaneous braking and the deformation of the frame.

4. if the above operation is not abnormal, operate the hoist to lift the weight to 20cm from the ground and stay for 10 minutes.

5. check the braking effect and the deformation of gantry crane hanger body. Finally, the weight is returned to the original place, the deflection value of the Bailey truss composite beam is measured, and the reset condition of the gantry frame is checked.

4. after completion, the main beam gantry crane to carry out a comprehensive inspection, including checking whether the joints of the joints are loose, the main bearing members of the members of the weld are cracking.

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