operating procedures for the tower crane

- Jan 18, 2018 -

There are some operating procedures for the tower crane.

1, the crane work period, should provide adequate working venue, boom rod landing and swing radius does not exist obstacles in night operations need to operate under adequate lighting.

2, the tower crane luffing indicator, torque limit should be a machine safety protection device of all equipment and ensure accurate reliable and sensitive. It is strictly forbidden to use the limit device to stop the operation.

3. A detailed understanding of the surrounding environment of the work site, including roads, overhead wires, distribution of buildings and the weight of the components, is required before the operation.

4.We must cooperate with each other between the operators, crane and command personnel, command personnel should understand the various mechanical properties of the crane master command, operating personnel should strictly carry out the signal command staff issued, when the signal is unknown or error, the operator can refuse to enforce, suspend operation. In the event of an accident caused by a command error, the person should be responsible for the accident.

5, when the operating room is too high from the ground to lead to difficult command, it can be commanded outside the ground and set up an effective contact between the two commanders.

6. In case of wind or other bad weather, such as heavy rain and lightning, the operation must be suspended.

7. In the work of the tower crane, there are no people to stay or walk under the goods suspended. It is forbidden to use the tower crane to lift the personnel.

8, prohibit oblique hanging, pulling and hoisting objects buried under the ground and condensation on the ground. Cranes should be operated according to the prescribed lifting performance, and no overload and lifting of cargo that do not know the weight are prohibited.

9. When lifting the goods, we should ensure that the goods are tightened and the scattered objects on the goods are not stacked. The scattered objects should be fastened and fastened with a hanging cage and so on.

10, when the weight of the crane is up to or near the rated weight, it is necessary to suspend the heavy load and leave the ground 0.2~0.5m for a time to check the stability of the crane, the reliability of the brake and the stationarity of the heavy load.

11, when the crane rises and drops, it should be kept at a constant speed, so it is forbidden to be too fast too fast. The left and right revolving movements should be kept steady. No reverse operation is prohibited before the rotation is stopped.

12. The wire rope equipped with a crane needs to have the technical proof document of the factory as the basis for the use. The wire rope on the reel should be arranged in order and exclude the phenomenon of twisting, deformation and so on.

13, after the end of job, need to boom turned to the wind direction, and the hook lifting arm from the top 2-3 meters.


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