Portal Crane intruduction

- Jul 15, 2004 -

Portal crane is the most popular used in Port and Wharf, complex structure, the largest agencies, the most typical electric handling machinery. 

It has good performance and unique superior structure, versatility, is widely used in the port of general cargo terminal. The working mechanism of the portal crane has high running speed, lifting speed up to 1.17m / s, luffing speed up to 0.92m / s, high usage rate, up to 22 hours per day and night, Taiwan efficiency is also high, Generally up to 100t / h or more; its structure is three-dimensional, not occupy the dock area, with a large gantry and long arm extension, which has a larger lifting height and working range, to meet the port , Mechanization loading and unloading of wharfs, ships and vehicles, making full use of ports and docks, adapting to no-load and full-load operation of ships, and passing requirements of ground vehicles; and also having high-speed flexible, safe and reliable loading and unloading capacity, , To reduce the heavy manual labor are of great significance. However, the portal crane also has its drawbacks, such as high cost, with more steel materials, to a larger power supply, the general wheel pressure larger, requires a solid foundation, more ancillary equipment, such as substations, cables, tunnels , Tunnels, power and so on.

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