Precautions for installation of bridge crane

- Jun 28, 2004 -

According to the provisions of China special equipment inspection and quarantine center relevant documents, the installation of special equipment installation staff must have the qualification and obtain the relevant documents before the appointment of the installation work, and must strictly comply with the relevant specifications and operating instructions in the installation process, to ensure the installation quality and work safety.

The erection of bridge erecting machine is a very technical work, and the quality of the installation is directly related to the safe use. In the erection work of bridge erecting machine, we should pay attention to the following basic requirements:

1. The assembly site of the bridge erection machine shall first be selected at the head end of the beam to be installed, and the foundation must be compacted and leveled, and sufficient compactness and smoothness shall be maintained, and the width of the foundation shall be more than 2 meters above the abutment;

2. The bridge erecting machine applies the special gate fence in the assembly process, strictly forbid the personnel who have nothing to do with the work to enter;

3, the assembly staff must wear helmets, put on protective shoes, the main beam on the work of the staff must fasten the seat belt.

4, by assembling bridge erecting machine LED assembly and technical guidance personnel responsible for on-site command, follow the "bottom-up, work instruction process order from the middle to the ends of the assembly. When the main beam is assembled, the sleeper pile shall be laid, and each component must be checked strictly during the installation to make sure it is correct. When the motor is installed, the rotation direction must be confirmed, and the motor steering of the same function must be consistent.

5, assembling bridge erecting machine requires the use of engineering crane with the operation time, must use the crane can not be used instead of excavator operations, and to strictly enforce the "lifting operation safety operation regulation", directed by a scene.

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