Prevention and control of welding crack in cranes

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Welding Cracking prevention measures and control of cranes

Crafting is one of the special devices where the manufacturing process is more demanding and is known to the crane manufacturer for the welding process used. One of the welding process control is the combination of on-site inspections and targeted special inspection, according to the quality of the equipment checks the file of the product, check the welding process control, traffic inspection meets the following requirements:

Cracking prevention measures and control of cranes

1. On-site welding process, welding records norms, complete and complete, the welding quality is effectively controlled.


2. Welding equipment intact, to meet the requirements of the implementation of welding.


3. Welding board to meet the relevant safety standards and the corresponding standard requirements.


4. The quality of welding statistics, and statistical analysis of the data.


5. Welding repair, in accordance with certain regulations for some maintenance management. At the same time according to (base metal defect welding) the relevant provisions of the reinspection process.


In the mechanical welding process requires a certain degree of technical mastery and technical treatment, the welding process on the crane to use more stringent requirements for the quality of welding has certain provisions and standards. Welding quality is closely related to the safety of the crane in the operation of the problem. However, the demand for these processes is even higher. In the welding or the need for our professional staff to carry out related work. After the test requires a certain degree of testing technology to detect the process. Causes of craze welding cracks and preventive measures.


Welding cracks are the key control welding defects in the crane manufacturing process. The existence of welding cracks affects the life of the product and determines the safety of the crane. Weld cracking refers to the gap created by the new interface formed by the destruction of the bond strength of the metal atoms in the local area of the welded joint under the joint action of welding stress and other brittle factors. Its sharp notch and large aspect ratio feature is the most serious process defect in soldered structural parts, which directly affects product quality, reduces product life span and even causes serious accidents.


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