Rail connection of Cranes

- Jan 28, 2017 -

How to handle the rail joint of the Crane Rails

Many lifting cranes are equipped with the corresponding steel cast orbits to facilitate the movement of the whole machine or small car. Due to the length of these tracks, they often need 22 connection. The position of the splints used in the rail connecting parts is called the rail joint.

In addition to the splint, there will be a bolt, nut, spring washer and other lifting accessories at the rail joint of the crane accessories. The rail joints are often required to be welded when the crane tracks are installed. Of course, the fastening of the bolt can not be forgotten.

In order not to allow a crane or a lifting car to achieve smooth sliding transition when encountering resistance or turbulence at the junction of rail, we need to deal with the corresponding connection of crane rail joints.

The first is to ensure that the welding quality of the rail joint of the crane meets the requirements of the relevant national standards.

The second is to take account of the influence of cold and hot temperature on the rails (the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction). The gap size between the ends of welded rail should be controlled in the range of 15-18mm, and the minimum should not be less than 12mm.

The third is the welded rail joint must follow the bottom-up order, that is after the end of the first rail rail waist, then head. Therefore, the suitable welding method for the part of the rail joint should be welded by layer by layer and then repaired around the welding parts. (it is important to note that at the time of surfacing, the adjacent ends of the 2 rail should be carried out with the same length and simultaneous preheating).

The fourth is in after welding, but also the need for rail joint parts heat treatment to eliminate stress, and the corresponding grinding processing in welding bulge, ensure the joints of the rail and track overall consistent smooth and neat.


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