Rang before crane travel and the main measures to prevent from hitting accident

- Jan 10, 2018 -

The main measures to prevent the object from hitting the accident before the crane is driven by the crane

Before driving, we must control all the control knob to zero according to the operation rule, and close the hatch door switch and the end door switch.

(1) we must earnestly implement the relevant safety regulations, to overcome the paralysis of thought, eliminate the object against injury accidents, firmly establish not to hurt others and self protection consciousness.

(2) prohibit throwing materials when working at high altitude. Clean up the building materials should be set using the chute or trash can. Hand-held tools and sporadic materials should be placed in a tool bag. Installation and replacement of glass to prevent glass falling measures, it is strictly prohibited to throw broken glass.

The main measures to prevent the object from hitting the accident before the crane is driven by the crane

(3) to use a large crane to prevent off hook device or hook clasp, lifting small to use the cage or skip hoisting, long to tie.

(4) high-altitude operations, on ramps, bridge, springboard to clear the people responsible for the maintenance and cleaning, no storage.

(5) the machine and equipment used in operation must meet the quality requirements, and the use of the "disease" equipment is strictly prohibited before the repair of the standard.

(6) the operators who use the equipment must be familiar with the characteristics of the equipment, master the main points of operation, pass the training examination and pass the certificate.

(7) the machine must be stopped before removing the equipment failure or cleaning the card.

(8) do well the safety management of pressure vessel (see part of the accident prevention part of the pressure vessel), prevent the explosion of the pressurized container from happening; all kinds of firing personnel must strictly abide by the relevant regulations; the personnel must be concealed in the safe and reliable place, and the irrelevant personnel must strictly enter the forbidden area.


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