Recommendation of hoisting machinery paint scheme under different protective periods

- Jul 20, 2015 -

Recommendation of hoisting machinery paint scheme under different protective periods

Corrosion environment: in C3 (general industrial environment), C4 high (coastal environment)

Protection period: the protection life in the middle period (5-15 years) and the long term (15 years and above)

1, the definition of protection term: during the design protection period, the surface rust does not exceed the Ri3 level in the ISO4628-3 corrosion grade (equivalent to the 6 level in ASTM D610 or the European standard Re3 level).

2, A3.08, A3.11, A4.14, A4.15 and so on are the supporting system number of ISO12944-5:2007 appendix A3 and A4.

3, the choice of topcoat is mainly about light protection and color retention. It is divided into 4 files, PU412 aromatic polyurethane finish, PU413 aliphatic polyurethane topcoat, PU421 polyurethane engineering machinery finish, PU420 polyurethane engineering automotive finish.

4, zinc free primers (EP Misc.) are mainly considered for bridge cranes with good rust resistance and solid content. The 1 way can reach 80 micron dry film thickness. Epoxy zinc phosphate primers and epoxy tripolyphosphate primers can be selected.

5, requirements of zinc rich primer dry film (or volatile in) zinc content (not zinc content) = 80%. Such as the use of GB_T_6890-2000 in the level of zinc (zinc content not less than 96%), can be converted into dry film (or volatile in) zinc content (not zinc content) = 76.80%. It can also be used as a primer of inorganic zinc rich (zinc silicate).

6, the painting is the most commonly used epoxy paint due to iron cloud cloud embraced, fineness is not high, such as good surface appearance, can be replaced by epoxy paint good fineness in thick film type.

7, export crane must be taken into account in the coating of harmful heavy metals (such as lead, chromium content, etc.) should be selected zinc zinc rich primer with high purity and low content of heavy metals (such as ASTM D520, zinc powder) should be used such as lead chrome yellow lead paint.


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