regarding the selection of Cranes

- Nov 20, 2017 -

Problems that should be paid attention to in selection of cranes

In accordance with this standard, the user should put forward the requirements for the work level of the crane, and if possible, it is necessary to improve the level of the work of each mechanism. To ensure that the manufacturer is able to design and manufacture according to this requirement.

The working level of the crane. Two factors are determined by the use level of the row crane and the state level of the row lifting load. The use of the crane crane work level in that busy degree of total cycles by crane's decision, it can be used for years by the expected number (before the crane crane scrapped or updated using the number of years), the average annual number of working days, each working days average rigger as the cycle frequency multiplication of three numbers to get. The level of the load state of the row hangs shows the degree of the weight of the crane.

Explanation: the above two calculations need to be estimated only, without very accurate calculation.

Working level of hanging mechanism. Just as the evaluation agencies alone a whole, it briefly expressed by the agency's use of grade I design life, the number of working hours) and the load status of the agency's F level reflect the severity level or state coefficient of load load spectrum) the general situation of job decision mechanism.

In the same way, two calculations for the use level of the mechanism and the state level of the mechanism load state only need to be estimated, and no very accurate calculation is needed.

When lifting the order, users should make clear the weight, span, lifting height and the level of work to be selected, and provide process information and information about workplaces and workplaces.


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