safety first is and will always be the most important

- Sep 10, 2012 -

"safety first" idea is always be the most important

Cranes leasing is a special industry equipment. Every time we use it, we should strictly follow the code of safety for crane operation. Therefore, the safety of crane is very important. Every crane company should have the idea of safety first.

The first step is to pay attention to the order of crane operation. It can ensure safety. When we operate the controller's handle, we must first shift from "0 bit" to the first gear, then increase or decrease speed step by step. When reversing, we must first turn back to "0" position.

The second step, compliance observe moments of goods, heavy tonnage objects should be slightly off the ground in the interview crane lifting, confirm hanging smooth, good braking, and drive, do not operate the personnel at the same time operating three handle, such as a sudden blackout happened in operation, we must be placed into the "0 switch handle". The hanging objects should not be suspended in the air, and the hanger is strictly prohibited from crossing the head, and the distance from the object to the ground must not be too high.

The third step, the car from the anti seize "rear end", when running two gantry crane to keep away from the car crash, is strictly prohibited. If there are heavy rain, lightning or high winds above 6 levels, the operation should be stopped and the power supply should be cut off. The wheel should be padded up before and after the wheel.


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