Safety inspection of mini crawler crane before operation

- Mar 08, 2018 -

Safety inspection of mini crawler crane before operation

The small crane is commonly known as the mini types crane, is composed of a jib, turntable, frame, legs etc.. Through variable amplitude, telescopic, slewing, hoisting and other institutions to achieve the mechanical action of small crane, lifting operations through different combinations of actions is a special mechanical equipment for intermittent operation. How do we do safety check before using crane?

Check the health of the crane, machine parts, components, screw bolts, welding parts, hydraulic system, hoist system and so on.

Check the quality of fuel, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil to meet the use standard, whether the water in the cooling water system is sufficient, the tank is sufficient and so on.

Check whether the tire pressure, track, guide wheel are normal, and the rod is flexible.

Check the ground hardness of the job site, whether it affects the lifting operation of the small crane.

Division of the operation area, do a good job of safety measures, set up a good warning line or observer, and commanders to communicate instructions.

There are many items that need to be checked before general crane operation. The above points must be checked. I hope you should pay more attention to prevent accidents and reduce or avoid accidents.  


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