Safety problems to be paid attention to during repair semi gantry crane

- May 12, 2018 -

Safety problems to be paid attention to during repair semi gantry crane

A half door crane needs to be maintained regularly to eliminate mechanical failures, to ensure safe operation of crane operators and to ensure normal work.

1, the first step is to know the operation performed by the operator on the spot and make sure that the fault is caused by the illegal operation.

2. According to the data collected on the spot, the actual situation is analyzed, the reasons for the failure and the location are preliminarily judged, and the drawings are used to conduct the investigation.

3, use the meter to check the fault location, confirm the fault points or components.

4, if the failure of the half door type crane is not very obvious, the fault location is not good, we should use the drawings and instruments to carry out a step by step and point by point investigation, eliminate the possible parts of the failure, and finally make a key inspection of the suspicious parts.

5, if the fault is not dangerous, it can be observed by using transient method to find out the fault location.

6. After troubleshooting, it is necessary to recheck the connection lines related to the repair process with reference to the drawings, and confirm that the drawings are in conformity with the drawings. Installation of external devices can only be carried out without errors.

measure the repaired crane by means of meters to ensure that there is no problem, the no load trial run will be carried out again, and the trial run needs to be carried out many times. Similarly, it is necessary to carry out load tests on cranes to make sure that the cranes can be put into normal operation after normal operation.


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