Safety protection device and function of Cranes

- Sep 12, 2010 -

Safety protection device of crane and its function

Crane as a special machinery, its safety is directly related to the safety of life and property. Therefore, in order to ensure that the crane can work safely and reliably, the crane safety regulations stipulate that hoisting machinery should be equipped with various safety protection devices. Now let's see what the safety devices for a crane have and what their respective functions are.

Safety protection device of crane and its function

1. When the overload limiter exceeds the rated value of the crane, the crane's action is stopped and the accident of overloading has never been avoided. Overload limiter is widely applied to bridge cranes and hoists. Some jib cranes, such as tower cranes and gantry cranes, will use overload limiter and torque limiter.

2. The moment limiter of the moment limiter consists of a load detector, an arm length detector, an angle detector, a working condition selector and a microcomputer. When the crane enters the working state, the detection signal of the actual working state parameters is input to the computer, after operation, amplification and processing, it is compared with the rated moment of gravity value stored before, and the corresponding actual value is displayed on the display at the same time. When the actual value reaches the rated value of 90%, it will issue a warning signal when the actual value exceeds the rated load when the alarm signal, at the same time the crane to stop dangerous direction (lifting, boom, arm and rotary movements continue to drop).

3, the working principle of buffer buffer is, if a single crane cart (or car accident) to track stroke end point, and the buffer can be in orbit the same level of the end stopper (another safety device) interaction; if in the same span on track two cranes crash. And in the two stage of crane metal structure corresponding buffer function. The buffer can transform the collision kinetic energy into elastic potential energy by itself deformation, thereby reducing the impact force of collision force and avoiding damage to cranes.

4, windproof and skid proof safety device. This is a safety device to prevent the open pit crane from sliding along the track under the action of strong winds. The rail cranes for outdoor work should be installed. The safety function of the crane is that when the crane meets the maximum wind force in the non working state, the crane is not blown to prevent the crane from overturning at the end of the track. Common windproof devices include rail clamps, anchoring devices and iron shoes.


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