safety protection device types of gantry crane

- Jun 18, 2018 -

The type and function of the safety protection device of the gantry crane

As a special machinery, the safety of gantry crane directly affects the personal safety of the workers, so it is stipulated that all kinds of safety protection devices will be installed in gantry cranes.

the types and functions of gantry crane protective devices

1, buffer

The working principle of the buffer is that if a gantry crane accidentally runs to the end of the track stroke end, the buffer can interact with the end of the track at the same level, and if the two cranes on the same span are collided, the buffer can work with the buffer of the relative face of the two crane structure. . Through its own deformation, the bumper quickly transforms the collision kinetic energy into the elastic potential energy absorption, thus reducing the impact of the collision force and avoiding the damage to the crane.

2. Chain protection

Also known as interlocking switch or door switch, its safety function is to connect the state of the interlocking switch with the movement of a working mechanism of a gantry crane. In the switch open state, the corresponding working mechanism that is restricted can not be started. Only when the switch is closed, the working mechanism of the interlocking mechanism can be carried out. In the process of operation, if the corresponding cabin door switch is opened, the stop instruction is given.

3. Windproof and antiskid safety device

The safety function of the gantry crane in the open air under the action of the wind is to prevent the gantry crane from overturning at the end of the track when the gantry crane meets the large wind in the non working state.


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