Safety requirements for construction of port cranes

- Aug 12, 2004 -

In the course of mechanical construction, the whole work of the harbor crane is dangerous, so we must pay attention to a series of safety measures in order to ensure the safety in production. Xiao Yuan believes that lifting personnel in accordance with standard requirements for operation is one of the important links to ensure safety.


Safety requirements: when the driver takes over, the brake, hook, wire rope and safety device shall be inspected. When the performance is abnormal, the operation should be eliminated before operation. If it cannot be ruled out, it is not allowed to operate.

You must ring or alarm before driving. In operation, close call or alarm should also be given when approaching the person. Operations should be conducted as directed signals. An emergency stop signal shall be issued immediately, no matter who issues it. The main power supply can be closed when no one is identified on or around the crane. If the power supply circuit breaker is locked or has a sign, it shall be removed by the relevant personnel before it can be closed to the main power supply.

Before closing the main power, all controller handles should be zero. When the power is suddenly cut off, all the control panel should be reset to zero. Before the restart, the crane should check whether the movements are normal;

In addition, the driver should cut off the main power supply and hang the sign or lock when the driver is in charge of maintenance. In case of failure, the driver shall be notified.

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