Selection and operation of single beam crane

- Sep 09, 2004 -

Single beam gantry crane is a kind of deformation of bridge crane. In the port, mainly used for outdoor cargo yard, yard cargo, bulk cargo handling. The metal structure of the utility model is like a portal frame, and two support feet are installed under the main beam, and the utility model can be directly carried on the track of the ground, and both ends of the main beam can be provided with overhanging cantilever beams. The single beam gantry crane is widely used in the port yard because of its high utilization ratio, wide adaptability, large range of operation and high versatility.

I. selection of single beam gantry crane

It conforms to the relevant regulations of universal gantry crane. In general, the weight below 50t, in the span of less than 35m, no special requirements are advised to use a single main beam. If the door leg width is big, the work speed is higher, or often lifting heavy pieces and long pieces, it is better to choose the double beam gantry crane.

Two, the principle of determining track

Dimension of goods can be smoothly through the legs of flat steel; can meet the requirements of stability of gantry crane rail along the direction; pay attention to track B and S span proportional relationship, generally the tread B= (1/4 - 1/6) S.

Three span and cantilever length

The span of single beam crane is an important factor affecting the crane's own quality. In the selection, the span should be minimized as long as the equipment condition is met and the span series standard is met.

Four, single beam gantry crane spacing size determination

In the work, the outer dimensions of gantry crane and the yard of goods and transport vehicles should be left a certain space size, in order to facilitate loading and unloading operations. During the span of a general transport vehicle, the distance between the door and the leg shall be more than 0.7m. Spreader should not work more than 0.5m spacing and transport vehicles, cargo window legs, distance should be more than 0.5m.

Five, operating procedures

1. before work

A. a single beam bridge crane with a driver's cab, before the driver takes over the vehicle, shall check the components of the hook, wire rope and safety device according to the requirements of the spot check card, and find out the abnormal situation, and shall be excluded.

B. ground operated single beam gantry crane, each class should be specially responsible for personnel, according to the requirements of the inspection card to check, found abnormal circumstances, should be excluded.

The C. operator must be able to close the main power supply when the station or track is confirmed unattended. When the power circuit breaker is locked or has a sign, the original person concerned should be removed and the main power supply can be closed.

2. work

When lifting the weight for the first time (or when the load reaches the maximum weight), the weight should be lowered again after lifting 0.5 meters from the ground, checking the performance of the brake, and confirming the reliability, and then performing the normal operation.

3. after work

A lift the hook to a certain height, the car stops at the designated position, the controller handle is placed "zero" position, pull down the knife switch and cut off the power supply.

B, do shift work.

C daily maintenance.

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