series of electric flat cars with low pressure track power supply

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Six series of electric flat carts:

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low voltage rail electric flat car:

1. the working principle: AC 380V voltage through transformer to 36V, two phase, then rectified to DC 36V, through DC control system to drive, start, stop, advance, retreat, speed regulation and so on. 

2. applicable situation: s track, arc track, high temperature use. It is suitable for most 25t flat cars, which is usually less than 50t, usually less than or equal to 50t. It has high frequency and medium distance transportation. It is not limited by distance. It is longer than 70 meters to increase the number of transformers to make up for track pressure drop. The use of high frequency 25t flatbed. 

3. Advantages: the advantages of smooth start, big start torque, small impact to the reducer, low voltage, long service life, etc.

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