Several important problems in Crane Load Test

- May 05, 2018 -

Several important problems in Crane Load Test 

Load test is a comprehensive and important index to test the quality and safety of lifting machinery. Through load test, it can not only detect the deformation of the metal structure of the crane, such as the deflection value of the bridge type crane, but also can detect the effective conditions of the crane safety device, such as the overload limiter and the tower crane. Action and protection of torque limiter under rated load condition. 

In a word, the load test is very important to check the load-bearing capacity of the crane and its components, the welding and crack conditions of the crane, the permanent deformation, the connection loosening, the effectiveness of the safety device and the damage of the crane performance and safety.

In the inspection and inspection process of the lifting machinery, we found that at present, many installation and manufacturing units, as well as the related units, carry out overloading tests blindly under the conditions of load test and the program of load test, and the result is often that the test is not only unable to achieve the intended purpose, but also, It will also cause damage to the structure of the crane, resulting in new accidents and economic disputes. In this paper, several important links such as the conditions, procedures and judgement of load test are expounded, so as to arouse the attention of the relevant units.

1 under the condition that several important conditions of the load test are not available, accidents can easily happen.

(1) the crane with unproven product quality, especially the weld of the main stress area, has no flaw detection and no quality proof.

(2) the installation is not finished, the installation unit owner has not identified the handover crane.

(3) cranes with no safety devices and no function.

(4) the oil level of the lubrication part is insufficient, which is easy to cause the gear wear and damage, failure, and cause accidents.


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