Some operating specifications for small cranes

- Mar 08, 2018 -

The mini spider crane is a kind of special mechanical equipment, it is the common name of the mini type crane. Now more and more small crawler cranes appear in all kinds of construction projects, but the key to safe operation of small cranes is the key to ensure the safety of vehicles.

Small crane related safety operation specification:

Spider cranes must be regularly checked to ensure that the small cranes are in a healthy state during each operation.

The driver of a small crane must be trained and studied and examined through the acquisition of relevant documents.

Master the operation and precautions of the small crane, be familiar with all the signs and warning signs, and can calculate or judge the actual hoisting capacity of the small crane.

Knowing how to make a safe pulling rope on a lifting object, when working together, we know how to allocate the weight of the lifting weight and the related matters.

The correct operation should be carried out in accordance with the operation manual when the operation is completed or the operation is stopped. Do not leave the driving position in the case of suspended heavy objects, and strictly prohibit the suspension of heavy objects for a long time.

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