special beam erection(bridge erecting machine)

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Erection of special beam of bridge erecting machine

During the rainy season, measures should be taken to prevent bridge or bridge accidents from erecting bridge frame beams according to the quality of subgrade, continuous rain days, total rainfall and drainage.

(1) if the roadbed is affected by rainwater, it has begun to soften or run away.

(2) if the rain had little effect, need to carefully examine the roadbed, confirm that there is no empty and soaked party Keyun beam operation phenomenon.

(3) bridge erector working in the rain is prone to leakage and electrical short circuit.

When the beam exceeds the clearance size or the rated parameter of the bridge erection machine, it is erected for the special beam. When encountering special beam, it is necessary to contact the design unit in time for design checking, calculation and design transformation, and construction work can be carried out below the prescribed conditions.

Regular inspection and good maintenance are important conditions for ensuring the reliability, safety and prolonging the service life of bridge erector. We must do well in this work.

(1) select and train persons with strong sense of responsibility and familiarity with beam business as random workers, and constantly improve their technical level.

(2) complete bridging machine relevant technical data, master the use of instructions.

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