specific contents of SIX testing of explosion-proof hoist

- Jul 17, 2013 -

Specific contents of six tests of explosion proof electric hoist

Explosion-proof electric hoist due to the high demand for the special application environment and their own safety, before it leaves the factory to go through strict test, the main test content for explosion-proof electric hoist has type test and routine test, test medium, sampling test, life test and tolerance test, this is a test for each qualified explosion-proof electric hoist must be carried out before they leave the factory.

Type test: the test of explosion-proof electric hoist made according to a design requirement is used to check whether the design requirements conform to certain specifications.

Routine test: also called the factory test, the explosion-proof electric hoist each device or equipment in the manufacturing test or after the completion of, to ascertain whether a device or equipment meet the standard.

Medium test: it is the general term for testing the electrical characteristics of the medium, including insulation, static electricity, pressure resistance and so on.

Sampling test: test the number of samples were randomly selected in the explosion-proof electric hoist, is used to ascertain the samples conform to a standard.

Life test: to determine the life expectancy of explosion-proof electric hoist under specified conditions, or to test and evaluate the life characteristics of products, is a destructive test.

Tolerance test: the test of explosion-proof electric hoist, such as repeated operation, short circuit, overvoltage, vibration and impact, is a destructive test under specified conditions, including certain operations that are taken for a certain purpose within a certain time.

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