Structure and Principle of Portal Crane

- Jun 20, 2004 -

Portal Cranes, also referred to as Gantry Crane, Portal Crane, is one of the power-driven, rail-mounted boom cranes. 

Its configuration can be roughly divided into two major parts: the upper part of the rotation and the lower part of the running.

The upper part is mounted on a tall gantry (gantry) and rotates 360 ° relative to the lower part. The gantry can follow the rails Travelling, at the same time it is the load-bearing part of the crane. Crane weight and lifting by the mast to withstand, and it spread to the ground track. The portal crane is named after this gantry base. 

The revolving part of the upper part of the portal crane includes the boom system, the herringbone frame, the rotating platform, the driver's cabin, etc., and also the hoisting mechanism, the luffing mechanism and the rotating mechanism. The lower part of the run mainly by the gantry and running agencies. 

The bottom of the gantry can train, there are three kinds of gauge: a train gauge through a 6m, said the single-line gantry, through two side-by-side train gauge gauge 10.5m, said double gantry, through the side by side three Train gauge gauge 16m, said the three-line gantry. Dock front door gantry crane mast mostly double mast. 

The bottom of the Gantry is equipped with driving wheels or running trolleys, and the operating mechanism enables the entire crane to run along the track on the ground. 

The working principle of the portal cranes is: lifting, moving, and adjusting the working position of the whole machine in a circular cylinder space through the combination of lifting, luffing and rotating three kinds of movements, Larger scope of work to meet the needs of moving objects.

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