the accessories of mini electric hoist can be changed by yourself?

- Oct 18, 2004 -

The accessories of Mini electric hoist are free to be changed?

As a new type of electric hoist, miniature electric hoist is widely used in the production lines, assembly lines, logistics and transportation platforms of modern industries such as machinery manufacturing, electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, assembly of parts and high-tech industries. But in the course of the process will inevitably be some problems, resulting in damage to their parts, at this time we can replace their own accessories it? If the replacement will bring us harm?

First of all, after the miniature electric hoist accessories appear damaged, we'd better ask professionals to repair, so as to ensure its safety, in the future use of the process is not easy to problems;

Second, if the mini electric hoist lifting parts in the event of a problem, if we change their own words, in the process may be due to carelessness and some problems, such as: the location of the friction plate is not placed correctly;

Finally, the user if the replacement parts, in the assembly process is also easy to cause damage to accessories, which led to the mini electric hoist in the future use of accidents, threaten our safety.

Therefore, for our own safety, equipment failure or to ask professionals to repair, do not replace their own maintenance, so as to avoid danger in the future use.


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