The advantage of Electric Flat Cart Design

- Feb 28, 2018 -

The Advantage of Electric cart design

Electric flat cart is rectified on the track the electric flat cart's single-phase 36V rectifier into DC 36V, the electric vehicle running drag DC traction motor, DC motor and AC motor is not easy to damage the torque, the advantages of strong overload capacity. 

Even because of the insulation aging of the track electric flat car, it can still work reliably under the condition of under pressure. The battery powered series flat cars, which are powered by battery. The battery provides electric power to the DC traction motor, and the DC motor drives the electric flat car to run. Compared with the AC motor, the DC motor is not easy to burn, the starting moment is big, and the overload ability is strong. 

Running distance is not restricted. It has greater safety and mobility and flexibility than the KPJ and KPD two kinds of flat cars. The running distance is not limited, and the track has no insulation requirements, so the construction is convenient and the cost is low.

There are many design features of the track electric flat car, which are widely used in machine manufacturing and metallurgical factories, which are used as the interior of the workshop to transport heavy objects across the crane. 

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