the advantage of marine electric hoist

- Nov 02, 2004 -

Marine electric hoist, high technology, more advanced

Marine electric hoist is improved from the wire rope hoist than the traditional CD-type electric wire rope hoist more advanced, the nature of marine electric hoist with ordinary wire rope hoist, but the performance is better than ordinary electric hoist, which is mainly carrying Strong ability, body parts high hardness, safe and reliable and can carry a wide range of products and so on.

The advantange:/ safety

   1, the power supply voltage protection, you can ensure the normal power supply voltage, normal operation.

   2, the upper and lower limit protection, in the process of operation, to prevent the rise or fall to maximize damage to the body.

   3, emergency switch, emergency switch should be installed in the driver reach (some disk cranes and the emergency switch with the same type of switch control disk, then the disk control switch can not be installed side by side with the emergency switch) to prepare for the occurrence In case of emergency, quickly disconnect the main power, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

   4, overload protection, to prevent overloading occurs, if there will be an overload immediately stop, brakes brake immediately, will not allow the goods fall situation.

   5, inverter protection device, marine electric hoist can be single-speed and two-speed switching, to prevent errors in the switching process.

   Marine electric hoist in the internal parts than the traditional CD-type wire rope electric hoist a higher craft, easy to use, the most important thing is safety.


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