The advantage of the Container Tilter

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Container tilter Container Unloading System is a kind of technology that is suitable for various containers of different sizes to turn over smoothly and effectively.

1, remote control operation, with turnover line turning machine for large workpiece container does not slip down rotation characteristics.

2, with rotation function of workpiece, it can be reversed to any angle according to requirements, it is easy to operate, flexible and reliable.

3, with remote control, and the operator can keep away from the turnover characteristics of container turnover machine, and has the characteristics of light lifting, light falling and flipping freely.

4, lightness, mobility and flexibility. It doesn't need to move large workpieces. It can move the equipment to the field of suspension and turn the workpiece, and it can turn over.

5, the equipment is suspended by hanging chain, fixed and suspended to turn the workpiece.

6, for special parts, the auxiliary container turnover machine slot wheel and lifting belt can be replaced, so that no turning marks can be made for the turnover parts.

7, can improve the turnover efficiency and reduce the cost to users.

8. The suspension type flipper needs to be used rogether with Crane, and the crane can be turned over in the field. As long as the equipment is lifted, it can be overturned and easy and fast.

9, No limited by the length, width, size and shape of the workpiece.

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