The advantage of the Rail and Bridge Erection Machine

- Mar 27, 2018 -

The rail and bridge erection machine is a very good medium and small-sized light lifting equipment developed in recent years. The device has unique and novel design structure and high efficiency. It saves time and labor, and is safe and reliable, which is your ideal choice.

The Bridge machine produced by MHICRANE company are widely used in various industries, because at some distance from the dense relatively strong places than other hoisting machinery using flexible jib crane with hollow steel structure, the steel structure is economical and durable, and large weight, built-in line cantilever hanging rolling bearings are used in special engineering plastic wheel, the wheel friction is small, the structure of small size, is conducive to improving the hook work. In operation, we must pay attention to safety. We cannot use single beam bridge crane to transport personnel, can not overload operation, and can't pull flashlights when loading. When the equipment rotates, we cannot pull flashlights and cable lines.

Bridge erecting machine manufacturer Safety used at the same time, please pay attention to the repair and maintenance of highway railway bridge machine, according to the actual situation of customized single girder crane maintenance plan, for example, every six months or a year for a check, check the main parts or other parts wear condition, if there are damaged more than the relevant provisions of the values the accessories or parts, please replace it in time.

It is a better job to maintain and maintain the equipment.

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