The advantages and disadvantages of structure of common electric hoist

- Jan 18, 2018 -

The structure of common electric hoist and its advantages and disadvantages

Electric hoist is the motor reducer drum compact set as one of the lifting accessories, can be used alone, can also be used as electric monorail crane electric single girder crane double beam crane or other lifting trolley for electric hoist common form is divided into wire rope electric gourd and ring chain electric hoist 2. Special circumstances also used plate chain electric hoist (chip joint chain) in wire rope electric hoist brake deceleration motor according to the main components for drum layout is different, can be divided into type TV type DH type CD (MD).

(1) CD (MD) type electric hoist is our product design and manufacturing, the most prominent feature is the use of the conical braking motor, therefore often called CD MD type electric hoist to hoist conical type CD is constant, MD is slow or double speed electric hoist has the advantages of simple structure small volume light weight convenient but the single operation of electric hoist hoist for general purpose, the working class is M2 ~ M4, the environmental temperature of -25 to 40 DEG C, not suitable for hoisting molten metal or toxic flammable and explosive materials, and the relative humidity is greater than 85% places in addition, there are some defects in the design.

(2) the motor of the DH type electric hoist is installed inside the drum, which can shorten the shape length of the electric hoist, but it is difficult to maintain, and it is suitable for the heavy duty system.


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