the advantages of the L type single beam electric hoist semi-gantry cranes

- May 12, 2018 -

the advantages of the L type single beam electric hoist semi-gantry cranes?

The L half gantry crane consists of gantry frame, a large car operating mechanism, a cab, and an electrical control system. When the box structure is used to design the door frame, when the weight is less than 20 tons, the running form of the car is vertical reverse roller. When the weight is more than 20 tons, the running form of the trolley is the horizontal anti roll wheel. The trolley runs on one side of the main beam, and the leg is L shaped.

L type single beam electric hoist semi-gantry crane

The utility model has the characteristics of large lifting space, high crossing capacity, light weight, low cost, and windward area. When lifting, the heavy goods can be hoisted to the cantilever under the cantilever. It is widely used for material lifting operations in factories, mines, enterprises, stations and ports.

Product parameters

Specification model: L type single beam and half door crane

Operation form: ground / remote control

Span: 5-30 (meter)

Cantilever length: 15 (meter)

Effective lifting height: 15 (meter)

The work system A3-A6. This product is a general use crane. It is used in general machinery manufacturing, assembly workshop and warehouse and other places to carry and load materials.

This product is not allowed to work in flammable, explosive medium or with high humidity and corrosive gas.

Nor is it applicable to the work of hoisting molten metals and toxic substances.

L type gantry crane

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