the appearance maintenance of gantry crane

- Oct 28, 2004 -

How to maintain the appearance of gantry crane equipment?

The material adopted for the Lifting equipment must be the most suitable for their work environment, the manufacturers must firstly understand the detailed requirements of the equipment in the selection of materials, especially in the outdoor gantry crane, semi-gantry crane in their material selection to ensure that first-class The quality, and is flawless, long service life.

For some lifting equipment must be exposed to water, chemicals, etc., the standard requirements are: submerged equipment surface to ensure a strong anti-corrosion ability to prevent the equipment due to prolonged exposure to special substances caused by corrosion or damage , In this case can choose to use stainless steel, to reduce the maintenance process in the future. It should be emphasized here is to prevent the potential is very close to the metal base caused by electric corrosion, the best way is to use rubber and other insulating materials to isolate the source of corrosion.

Gantry crane painting standards: the steel structure of the main components of the steel surface shot blasting processing, the important components to GB8923 Sa2 .5 level. After shot blasting paint, primer coated epoxy zinc-rich primer, the middle paint epoxy primer rust twice, paint over and over again. Requirements: Topcoat surface uniform, detailed, bright, consistent color.

Gantry crane-related components and surface lubrication and cleaning: To regularly grease parts including the bearing seat, nozzle and so on.


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