The application of Truck Unloading System

- Apr 09, 2018 -

Hydraulic truck loading and unloading machine is also commonly referred to as hydraulic turnover board, unloading machine, unloading platform and unloading platform.

The unloading platform of the hydraulic dump unloading machine is widely used in the automatic unloading of bulk materials by all kinds of warehouses and processing plants. It can unload sand, rare earth, scrap, wood, plastic, grain, coal, feed and so on. At the same time, it is widely applied to chemical industry, metallurgy, cement and all units and departments with scattered materials receiving operation. Greatly improve the efficiency of the factory production!

The hydraulic dump platform is a modern material unloading equipment. As long as it is reversed, it can automatically discharge, save time and save money, high speed, high efficiency, safety and reliability; the unloading efficiency is very high, and the dust is small. The hydraulic unloading machine automatically discharges tens of tons to hundreds of tons of cargo in a few minutes by hydraulic system. The process is to open the freight car to the hydraulic unloading platform, start the car stop device, lift the platform with hydraulic system, and achieve a certain angle, so that the bulk cargo will automatically slide down.

The unloading platform of hydraulic turnover board unloading machine saves time, saves manpower, improves efficiency and reduces cost.

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