The cause and solution of the bridge type crane trolley can't move

- Jul 18, 2017 -

The cause and solution of the bridge type crane trolley can't move

After maintenance and installing in the new site,Bridge crane overhaul and transformation  other institutions operating normally, YZR type 2.2KW motor car use, series resistance of cam controller, now the main hook around 8T car is basically walk, feeling very suck car. The problems that may arise from the machine, what is the fault in the electric field?

Self analysis:

1. is there a problem in the error of the electric resistance wiring of the trolley?

2., the trolley that used to calculate the tonnage is generally used by 3.7KW motor, but the master at the scene said that they used to be 2.2KW electric main hook and 15T heavy truck, so they still walked normally, so the motor was too small to be sure.

Exclusion Law:

1, the rotors are all short to see if they can't walk.

2, measuring the stator, the rotor current can determine whether the electrical fault.

3, the electrical winding resistance of the 3 lines, the position on the resistance is not the same whether there will be the same problem.

4. There are problems in the connection of the electric windings of the motor car. In fact, the connection is very simple, so it may be rechecked again.

5, the car motor itself problems, such as the rotor electric ring contact is good, carbon brush is too large, the spring pressure is suitable;

Are there any exceptions in the startup process, too loud, overheated motor, some over-current relay tripping, circuit breaker tripping?

6, "look at the resistance value of your rotor connection, a group of taps, measure the resistance value, then check the cam, do all gear speeds accelerate the resistance according to the order of cam short?" This is a good suggestion.

7, the more the resistance is, the better, the smaller the better, the better.

8, can detect the electric current, compared with the rated current, in the 1-3 times the range of good!

Can the fault phenomenon be described accurately, only 8 tons of hanging can not be moved? The energy of other tonnage, from the standard configuration, is a little small, the car operation is generally calculated to be YZR132M2-6/4KW. You can use the clamp meter to measure under the crane 8 tons of stator current is much, rated current above no brand. The 3 phase motor current balance, part, separately to find reasons, first determine the motor will see your rotor series resistance value, a set of taps, measuring the resistance value, and then check the cam, each gear acceleration is not in accordance with the short sequence of cam excision resistance.

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