The constitution of Hydraulic system of the railway ridge erecting machine

- Apr 16, 2018 -

The related constitution of the hydraulic system of the railway bridge erecting machine

The railway bridge erecting machine is a large lifting equipment. In railway bridge erecting machine, its main function is to lift beams and pieces, and then put them down to the location of targets. In bridge erection machine, its load capacity is large, and it can also set up various skew and straight crossing bridges. The hydraulic system of bridge erecting machine is an important part of it. The use of hydraulic system can make bridge erection machine more convenient to operate.

The hydraulic system of railway bridge erecting machine consists of mechanical components (0~3 column, guide beam, hanging beam trolley, cable sliding device, walking track and fastener), hydraulic system and electrical control system. In addition to the crane car, all the movements depend on the hydraulic cylinder to be driven by the hydraulic system. In the construction, the operation procedure is less, and the main operation steps are basically completed by the bridge erecting machine itself. In order to facilitate the site erection, especially the beam setting operation, in addition to the control room centralized control, the remote control device is set up at the same time, and the frequency conversion technology is adopted, which greatly facilitates the construction of the bridge erecting machine. Only one person can operate freely with the remote control device.

Therefore, we find that through the perfect coordination of railway bridge erecting machine and hydraulic system, so that its function is more perfect, so as to improve the efficiency of work, but also reduce the intensity of labor, which is conducive to the development of railway bridge erecting machine in the future.


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