The control capacity of the hanger for the crane during operation and stop

- Jan 18, 2018 -

The control capacity of the hanger for the crane during operation and stop

When starting the bridge crane, the hoist may swing with the advancing speed of the non ascending crane. The operator can push the controller handle of the cart or trolley back to zero position until the crane is over the vertical position, and then it is in a vertical position with the hanger in time. This method of operating personnel skill requirements higher, constantly to keep up with the crane hook swing, sometimes need to speed up the operation speed with the pendulation of crane more than once, so the crane hook is a stable operation to master the overall operation of the crane, otherwise it will affect the efficiency the stable hook.

When the crane stoped, the crane can be stopped quickly in the specified position, that is, the hook operation. Parking is too slow or too fast parking position deviation will cause the pendulation, if not properly stable hook operation, may cause the decline of hanging objects. Stop hanging, because the cause of inertia may continue to run forward, in order to make the hanging in the moment stable stop at the specified location, should reduce the load inertia with swinging movement, before hanging the parking position in the distance, the crane controller handle regain zero, the crane slowly moved to the specified when the crane arrived at the designated location, location, hanging with stable, smooth stop at the specified location. The hoisting operation of the crane is an important technology to ensure safe operation. It can avoid the hidden danger caused by the wobble of heavy objects.


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