The difference between wire rope electric hoist and chain electric hoist

- May 09, 2018 -

The difference between wire rope electric hoist and chain electric hoist is:

Chain Hoist capacity is small (fixed, operating and ultra low air type for light, the weight is generally less than 0.125 tons of -3 tons, non - standard large tonnage chain weight of 5 tons -60 tons), slow and non adjustable speed;

As the tonnage is relatively small, the lifting height is 3-120 meters (the lifting height of the electric hoist is 3-30 meters).

The tonnage of the wire rope is large, and the speed is fast and adjustable.

The volume of the wire rope is large and the volume of the chain is small.

The wire rope electric hoist has higher working level than the chain electric hoist.

As far as product performance and accessories are concerned, the life of wire rope electric hoist is much shorter than that of chain hoist. (the difference between 6-8 months and 10 years);

As far as the mechanics principle is concerned, the winding direction of the ring chain on the chain wheel can be set at will, with high flexibility and reasonable structure, which is one of the reasons for the small volume of the chain hoist.

The mechanical conversion device is different: the ring chain electric hoist is driven by the chain wheel to lift the lifting chain, and the wire rope electric hoist is operated by the coil to drive the wire rope.

The connection between wire rope electric hoist and chain electric hoist:

Belonging to the electric hoist, it is a lifting equipment combined with lifting and walking. The structure of the two parts is basically the same.

The lifting parts of the two are made up of three parts: a conical rotor motor at one end, passing the power to the other end of the reducer through the spline sleeve and the drive shaft, passing through the deceleration power, and then transferring to the middle wire rope reel (the reel is responsible for turning the rotating motion to the vertical movement), and lifting the weight of the wire rope and the hook. Operation, this motor has brake function.

The main body of the electric hoist is hung on the trolley, and the trolley runs on the lower edge of the crane girder. The trolley is simple in structure, and is a smaller conical rotor motor, which is driven by a small gearbox to drive the walking wheel.

The structure of the chain electric hoist is similar to that.


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