The effect of the leg of a gantry crane

- Jun 27, 2018 -

Gantry crane can be divided into single beam gantry crane and double beam gantry crane. The former has two legs, while the latter has four legs.

The effect of the leg 

1. support function

The leg is the key to support the gantry crane operation. There is a pulley under the leg. In the operation, the track is placed in the operation area. It can drive the gantry crane to act at random in the operation area, and place the position of the gantry crane according to the need.

2. ensure safety and stability

Outrigger is used for lifting safety and stability when lifting gantry crane. The outrigger is the foundation to ensure that the gantry crane can be stable and upright. The problem of outrigger is very easy to cause the gantry crane to be unbalanced and dump. As the vertical support and walking support of the gantry crane, when the gantry crane works, the leg can not only bear the weight of the upper mechanism of the main beam, but also load the load of the lifting load.

3. improve the lifting property of the whole machine


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