The electric hoist needs to do the corresponding protective measures in the special environment

- May 22, 2011 -

In the summer hot weather storm +, cold weather appeared in winter, the electric hoist used in hoisting industry in the encounter is inevitable also encountered such special circumstances, so in this case, we should do the protective measures under special conditions of application of electric hoist.

First, under the condition of high temperature. It is a test for both people and equipment. This is because the long time use of motor, so that the motor will burn, which should be buried thermistor temperature control device should be in the winding and the casing, when the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the power outage is protected or added in the motor (usually strong cooling measures in the motor set up a special electric fan).

Second. The cold condition. The electric hoist should have the following safety precautions for the hoist crane used in the outdoor cold season: 1, adopt the closed cab. The driver's room should have a heating device. 2, clear the track, the ladder and the ice and snow on the platform in time, "prevent slippery and fall and hurt." 3. The main force rod or component of the electric hoist should be low alloy steel or not less than Q235-C ordinary carbon steel (referred to below -20 C).

Third, wet conditions. Under normal circumstances, the working environment humidity is not greater than 85%, hoist crane protection grade is IP44, but the humidity is required to adapt to situations more requirements of humidity of 100% beam, are many, even if the nuclear nuclear power plant dust pollution also useful high-pressure water washing of nuclear equipment, the protection level of equipment must be improved, therefore, the humidity is higher than 85% to 100% field between the crane motor and electrical protection grade is IP55. In the wet environment, additional preheating drier should be adopted for the motor above 10kW. The rain proof cover should be added to the motor hard electric appliances of the hoist crane in the open air.

Fourth. The situation of dust. Electric hoist crane hoist in the dust environment should consider the following security measures: 1, should be operated with a closed cab, to protect the driver's personal health protection level; a motor 2, crane and major appliances should be increased, as is often the case with hoist crane and electric motor the protection of IP44, according to the degree of dust, should enhance the sealing performance, namely protection (mainly dustproof ability) into the corresponding grade increased to IP54 or lP64.


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