the emergency measures for the operation of an electric shock

- Jan 18, 2018 -

What are the emergency measures for the operation of an electric shock accident?

The manufacturing materials of cranes are basically metal. If there is electric shock, it will be unthinkable. Once an electric shock accident happens, we should respond to the following emergency measures.

1. If the crane's crane arm meets the transmission line, the personnel can not be close to the crane, and the hand is forbidden to touch the hanger and the rigging. The shell of the driver's room forms a shielding layer, and the driver in the driver's room will not have an electric shock as long as the insulation of the driver's room is good.

2, the driver should operate the lifting arm to make it out of the wire. Before leaving, the driver can't get out of the car at any time, and it needs to wait for others to cut off the power before they can land.

3, we need to cut off the power as soon as possible. If the situation is urgent, we can throw the conductor to the wire, and form a loop between the zero line and the fire line, causing short circuit to cause the circuit to trip.

4, a warning area is delineated on the scene of the story, and the unrelated persons are not allowed to go in and out.

5. If there is no way to disconnect the power, the driver will jump off the crane and jump to the safe distance. This is because the earth wire contact, the leakage will form a contact point as the center of the concentric ring voltage, voltage within a layer of small voltage. Only the BIPS jump out together, so that the stride over the voltage will be much smaller and minimize the flow of current through the body.


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