the foce pulling device of cranes

- Oct 20, 2017 -

matters need attention to the Force pulling device of crane

The function of the power take-off device is to transfer the power of the engine to the oil pump. The oil pump outputs high pressure oil and distribues to the operation device of the bridge crane by the control valve.

Be careful:

A) before the force device is combined, each control handle in the control room should be in the middle.

B) the handle handle of the leg is in the middle.

C) the control handle of the gearbox should be placed in the air.

D) the chassis should be in the state of parking brake.

2. The operation of the force pulling device

Note: before connecting the force device, please make sure that all the handle handles are in the middle. The pressure is above 0.55Mpa.

1) neutral catch: after parking, shift the lever to the neutral gear and tighten the parking brake handle. At this time, the engine idling, step down the clutch, press the power take-off switch to connect the power take-off, at this time, the indicator lights up, and engage the clutch.

2) gear shift force: after parking, the transmission lever is placed in neutral gear, and the parking brake handle is tightened. At this time, the engine idling, the clutch is pressed, and the power take-off switch is connected to the power take-off device. At this time, the indicator light is on, and the transmission gear is properly shifted, and the clutch is engaged.

3. The disconnection operation of the force pulling device

1) step on the clutch pedal to the end and completely separate the clutch.

2) press the switch of the force collector and disconnect the force.

3) the control handle of the gearbox is returned to the air.

4) sluggish the clutch pedal;

5) stop the operation of the engine;

6) disconnect the power switch, at this time the crane is in a non - working state.

Be careful:

A) the clutch and the loosening of the clutch should be carried out slowly.

B) when the force is combined, the accelerator button next to the leg control valve or the pedal in the room can be used to control the engine's speed.

C) the clutch pedal should be stepped down immediately when the driver is mistaken for the force switch. Otherwise, it is very dangerous.

D) when the drive and oil pump transmission is repaired or replaced, it is necessary to hang a warning sign on the chassis starting key, otherwise it is very dangerous.


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