The function of the coupling

- Jan 19, 2018 -

The function of the coupling

A coupling is a kind of part that transfers torque between the active shaft and the driven shaft. Usually, the power machine needs to connect with the working machine through the coupling, and is in general transmission torque function. Some of the coupling with high performance cranes also have the function of buffering and damping.

Coupling is one of the most important parts of cranes. It is of great significance to understand the function of coupling and deepen the understanding of crane's working principle and maintenance.

When the crane is working, the components will be affected by the force. Under the action of the force, it is easy to deform, and it is a part of the bridge. Once the bridge is deformed, it directly affects the running of the running mechanism of the big car. When the main girder is in a state of deformation, in order to ensure that all parts of the crane can operate normally, it also compensates for the errors arising from the manufacture and installation of cranes. Generally, it is a compensatory coupling for crane equipment. This type of coupling consists of a cross coupling, a gear coupling, and so on.

One, cross couplings

The cross coupler is usually installed between the low speed axle end of the reducer and the wheel, which has the advantages of simple structure and large transfer moment, which is very strict for the installation precision. After a period of use, you need to add lubricating oil to the sliding surface corresponding to the cross coupling.

Two. Gear coupling

Gear coupling is a kind of widely used compensation couplings. According to the different structure, the gear coupling can be divided into two kinds of full - tooth coupling and half - tooth coupling. The advantages of this kind of coupling are small size, large transfer torque, and can effectively compensate the offset of the two ends of the connecting shaft. However, the cost of the type of coupling is often high, the manufacturing process is complex, and the most accurate installation is insufficient.


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