the function of the rope guide of the electric hoist

- Sep 10, 2004 -

What will happen to the electric hoist if without guide rope?

Rope guide is one of the essential wire rope electric hoist in parts, but also because of wearing parts, replacement or change drum is not on the original drum, broken crack phenomenon before long rope guide appears unexplained, so if no electric hoist rope guide will show what kind of situation?

Wire rope electric hoist, because of the use of wire rope as the lifting medium, the product characteristics of the wire rope itself is elastic, so if the electric hoist no guide rope will appear the phenomenon of wire rope entangled.

The replacement of the rope guide must first stop the original electric hoist, electric hoist power, the steel wire rope is removed, the rope guide 6 angle screws after the rope guide can take down the rope down, must pay attention to the later lined wire rope rope slot then mounted in the rope guide during this period, to avoid by the boot after use, the rope in the groove is likely to once again put the rope guide collopse.

For example, after the replacement of the roller, the rope device is not equal to the force or the installation procedure and the matching of the components. It is recommended to contact the original plant for replacement parts treatment.


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