the fuse function of the cranes and motors

- Jun 14, 2013 -

The fuse is a component that can act as a component to protect the component when a short circuit is short circuited.

The function of the crane motor fuse is that when the motor and the line are short circuited, the large short-circuit current will appear in the operation of the crane, resulting in the overheating of the transmission line, and the short circuit current will cause the motor winding to burn instantly. Therefore, the fuse is used to protect the motor. When the motor fails, it can automatically cut off the circuit, so that the motor and power source are separated from damage.

The fuse consists of two parts of the fuse tube and the melt, in which the melt material is a wire or a piece of metal. When melted and protected circuits are connected together, if the circuit current exceeds the melt rating, the melt will fuse automatically immediately, so that the closed circuit can be disconnected, and the power supply of the protection circuit will be cut off, and the effect of protection will be achieved. Generally speaking, the fuse, control and main loop on the crane should be equipped with a fuse.

In the lighting circuit of the crane, the porcelain plug fuse is used, and the spiral fuse is used in the motor protection circuit.

The selection and installation steps of the fuse

1, appropriate fuses and melts should be selected according to the actual conditions. In the circuit of the branch, the melt rated current of a branch circuit relative to the previous level to low grade 2-3; for different purposes such as load equipment, lighting circuit, main circuit and control circuit of the motor, the need to separately protection equipment independent of fuse.

2. When installing a spiral fuse, the power line should be connected to the bottom connection end of the porcelain base in the installation process, so as to ensure safety.

3, the installation of porcelain plug fuse, the fuse should follow the screws must pay attention to the direction of winding, and avoid scratching the fuse, but can not be too tight to avoid the fuse, the fuse section size, reduce pressure fuse.


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