The gantry frame of Gantry Cranes

- May 18, 2018 -

The whole portal frame is generally composed of main beam, outrigger and lower crossbeam. The gantry frame usually adopts the plate beam structure, the gantry crane is made of double leg mode, the other half door type crane only has "one leg", and the main beam of the door frame is rigid connected with the leg. Some heavyweight gantry cranes are combined with rigid support and flexible leg to increase the bearing capacity of the portal frame, of which the rigid leg adopts the A type structure and the flexible leg adopts the triangular steel frame structure.

The main beam part in the door frame should not only take into account the strength and stiffness of the whole structure, but also take into account the weight of the whole main beam. The heavy girder will not only affect the transportation, but also affect the leg, and have a certain influence on the bearing of the leg. For the structure of the whole portal frame, the layout is reasonable, the rigid leg and the flexible leg structure should be moderate, and the overall stability of the crane should be taken into account.

Gantry frame plays a supporting and stabilizing role to the crane, ensuring the normal operation and normal running. The portal frame is equivalent to the spine and legs of a crane. 

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