the impact of the Gantry Crane Running state conversion

- May 31, 2015 -

Gantry crane running state conversion what impact?

Gantry crane in operation, there will be a variety of unexpected situations, so we have to pay close attention to the gantry crane in real time in order to run the gantry crane to achieve safe operation. For example, gantry crane from the stop state transition to the operation state or from the operation state to the suspension state, which impacts to the parts of Goliath Cranes during this process?

Gantry crane from the suspension to the operation of the process, just energized for the moment motor, gantry crane electromagnetic brake will not be released immediately, so there will be a large current during the start-up process. For brakes, this process can affect the service life of the brake shoe.

If the operation is reversed from operation to suspension, then the gantry crane brake will be de-energized earlier than the motor. In this case, with the motor, because the brake is now gradually tight before the power-off, Will certainly increase the current before the power cut. In order to ensure the life of the various components, each operation should be implemented according to strict rules.


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