the importance of crane spare parts

- Jan 19, 2018 -

We should change the spare parts of the crane in time

Vulnerable parts that are easily damaged during normal use or must be replaced during the prescribed time. Many large machinery have vulnerable parts, so how important is the replacement of the vulnerable parts.

There are steel wire rope, control button, control cable, brake wind wheel, firearm, drum, rope guide, pulley, slide car and so on.

Some vulnerable parts of cranes are constantly running and running continuously during the operation of cranes, such as wire rope, control button, brake wind wheel and so on. These components are damaged in varying degrees after many times of use. The vulnerable parts are not only easy to damage, but also an indispensable part of the crane operation, and the lack of this part of the vulnerable parts can not run the crane.

When the damaged parts of the crane are not replaced, the consequences are very serious. For example, the wire rope is not changed after being damaged. When the crane hoist heavy load, the wire rope will easily break down, but the goods will be damaged and heavy if there is an accident. For example, after the crane's control button is damaged, it is not found that the danger of the crane in the operation of the crane is also unimaginable.

The damaged parts of each crane should be inspected or replaced regularly. It is found that the damaged parts of the crane should be replaced immediately. The replacement of wearing parts is not only on the crane crane quality and working condition that is to ensure the safe operation, should not be a major accident can not lose, in order to save money and replace the crane parts, this is the sesame lost watermelon, is extremely unwise.


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