The influence of natural pollutants on Crane hydraulic system

- May 24, 2016 -

The influence of natural pollutants on the hydraulic system of the crane

Hydraulic system is the core of crane operation. If some inherent pollutants pollute the hydraulic system of crane, it will seriously affect the efficiency of Henan Modern crane. The reasons for this situation are manifold, and the sources of pollutants are various. They are generally divided into inherent, external and internal generation. Therefore, in order to effectively control the pollution, the crane driver must take the necessary control measures against all possible sources of pollution.

In order to prevent the invasion of the inherent pollutants, the cleaning work should be carried out before the crane components are out of the factory so that they can reach the prescribed cleanliness. Clean the contaminated components before loading the system.

If the contaminants are retained during the system assembly process. It is generally adopted after the system assembly to carry out the cycle cleaning, so as to meet the requirements of the specified cleanliness.

Pollution in the replacement and replenishment of oil liquid. The new oil should be precipitated and filtered in time to achieve the specified cleanliness of 24h.

When the oil pipe invades the water, we must do well the oil dewater treatment, keep the working environment and tools clean, and thoroughly remove the cleaning fluid or degreasing agent which is not soluble with the working fluid, then recycle the oil filter after maintenance, and clean the whole system. Control measures for piston rod of oil cylinder: using reliable piston rod dust proof seal to strengthen the maintenance of seal.


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