the introduction and importance of the cranes rail sweeping palte

- Jul 11, 2004 -

Introduction of crane rails sweeping plate

The rail sweeping plate is a necessary part of the crane, and it is also an important safety device for the crane. But we don't know much about it. Because the rails are not very clear compared with the crane. The rails are mainly used to prevent the accidents on the rails and other wheels. In particular, gantry cranes are more indispensable on the ground to walk the rails.

Introduction of crane rails

The installation of rail sweep board and support frame is designed to prevent and push the crane track on the obstacle objects and ensure the safe operation of the crane operating mechanism. The rails should not be more than 10mm, and the support frame should not be more than 20mm. When they are integrated, the distance between the rail and the rail should not be greater than the 10mm. A bridge type crane and a track type tower crane should be equipped with a rail sweep plate and a supporting frame.

All kinds of cranes are equipped with rails sweeping plats before shipping out, while some customers who do not understand that and remove the sweeping plate, which is not safety.


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