the level and quality measurement of the crane

- Apr 01, 2012 -

the level and quality measurement of the crane

There are not many cranes to see in everyday life, but cranes are often found in places such as seaports, foundations, workshops, and the like. In general, cranes are required to carry large objects. In addition to the cranes that can be used for such purposes as freight transport in these factories, they also play a role in rescue and rescue operations. So how to measure the level and quality of cranes, mainly from the following aspects.

First, lifting weight

In other words, the weight that the crane can lift or carry. Under normal circumstances will be marked on the crane signs rated weight. Under normal circumstances, the weight of the crane hoist should not be greater than the rated lifting capacity, otherwise it is easy because of the weight of the goods is too large and cause crane failure.

Second, the height of the lift

The height of the rise refers to how many vertical distances the crane can raise or lower the living body. Because the function of the crane is not only able to lift the goods can also be used to lift the goods from the ground on the ground to a certain height. Especially in disaster relief, this function is particularly obvious, because in this case often need to lift something by crane. This time must be on the basic functional index crane know, do not make the weight of the goods transported or height over the bearing range.

The function of the crane is an indispensable member in the production plant and disaster recovery and rescue. The quality of a crane is very important


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